4 Tips in Caring For Your High Efficiency Washer

High efficiency washer costs an arm and a leg. Many of us would think twice before buying this type of washer. Maintenance is also no joke so it is surprising to find out that there are actually owners that do little maintenance to their HE washer. The thing about HE washers is that they consume

Assist My Washing Machine Sounds Like its Attempting to Escape

Your washing machine is shaking, bouncing, knocking and you are absolutely stunned you have know earthly idea what has possessed this once calm, sturdy piece of machinery. I have worked on, fixed, replaced and taken several washing machines the dump. In all those experiences I have never quite experienced something so unnerving as that washing

Appliance Repair Company For Household and Commercial Repairs!

Make certain you hire the right professionals when you need appliance repairs. A reputable company can help you save big, but a fly-by-night appliance repairman can create problems for both you and your appliances! When your washing machine starts leaking, your refrigerator stops cooling, or your other appliances begin malfunctioning, it may seem like the

Getting Timely Appliance Repairs Can Help Save You Money

Appliance repairs can often help homeowners extend the lives of their appliances. Early repairs can help save owners the most money and prevent the need for a replacement. When one of your major household appliances is not working properly, this can cause chaos in your household. While you might think that putting the repairs off